Industrial marketing: know the importance of strategies in this sector

Better known as B2B marketing (“ business to business. industrial marketing focuses on the activities of promoting and selling products and services between companies , instead. of directing them to final consumers, as happens in B2C. At first, marketing used to be considered primarily as a tool for consumer. companies, but industrial marketing has changed this scenario. And today it is gaining more and more prominence as a. fundamental strategy for organizations from different segments. In this text, you will understand a little more about industrial. marketing and learn how you. can help accelerate the growth of your business.

What is industrial marketing Above all B2B

involves specific strategies and tactics at. the industrial sector, where transactions take place between companies that operate in the production, distribution, resale or. use of products and services aimed at other companies. Likewise, these French Polynesia Business Email List companies range from small and medium-companies. to large corporations such as manufacturing, technology, construction, agriculture, health, among others. According to Digital Marketing Results , ” in most. events and publications on Digital Marketing, what we usually see are cases and tips from large companies that. sell to the final consumer (B2C or business to consumer). The problem is that these. techniques are — usually unsuccessful — for B2B companies.

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In any case in industrial marketing the

products have the most complex sales process and the longest cycle. But just like B2C sales in the sales process between companies, we are also talking to people. because who will decide on the purchase is. not a company, an institution, but EJ Leads a person. That is, the objective of industrial marketing is to generate. demand, promote and strengthen commercial relationships and boost the growth of industrial companies, which can be. through specific strategies such as, for example: Market identification and segmentation; Development of products and. services; Competitive prices.

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