Inside the brackets of the loopout expression

 To create a loop . Simply alt+click on the position’s stopwatch icon (which you have just animated) and write the following expression: loopout(); loopout loopout means that at the output (out) the keys you added to animate your figure will be repeated . Starting from the initial value (check the graph in the graph editor to better visualize the expression). However . Inside the brackets of the loopout expression we can also specify different modes of progress of the animation cycle . That is: loopout(“pingpong”); loopout(“cycle”); loopout(“offset”); loopout(“continue”); in the animated gif that follows we visually explain what these 4 looping modes are .


After effects ideally continues the path

 Pingpong loopout and cycle_1 loopout offset and continue in asia email list cycle mode . You return to the first key (abrupt rewind) . In pingpong mode (as the name suggests) you return to the first key by rewinding the movement in reverse. In offset mode the keys are proposed again (so the animation continues in the same direction . Only translated each time by an offset which corresponds to the distance between the two initial keys in this case). In continuous mode  . However . After effects ideally continues the path of the animated shape with the speed and slope of the last key.


Frequency and amplitude

 Create a shake effect with the wiggle expression in after effects EJ Leads among the most versatile and popular expressions in after effects we certainly find wiggle  . From the english “to sway”. It is often added to the movement of an element to prevent the animation from being too static  . Or even added in adjustment layers to create that shaking effect typical of the analog vhs look (for those who remember them). The wiggle expression consists of two parameters . Frequency and amplitude. Example: wiggle(3 .50) translates to a wiggle three times per second (depending on the frame rate of your composition) for a value of 50 pixels.


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