Reasons not to buy instagram followers

Me you and all those who work with digital marketing. And have an instagram account, have a common goal: to get more and more followers. It is common for people to believe. That having many followers on their profile is an indication of credibility and, consequently, more confidence in shopping online. Faced with this, many end up falling into the temptation of buying followers, in search of trying to achieve their results faster. But did you know that buying followers is a practice that can do a lot of damage to your brand and still mask your results. So we’ve listed 5 factors so you don’t fall into this trap. Lack of engagement when buying followers, the tendency is to have fake accounts following you.

It is very common to see accounts with more than

Followers and when checking the posts, you. Notice that they have an average of only 50 likes. Why does it happen? Because these fake profiles will not interact with your brand. And this will result in a bad engagement rate for your page. With this practice, your profile will hardly receive comments and likes. On your publications, which will Israel Business Email List result in a loss of reach, as instagram itself will reduce it as it considers it uninteresting. Loss of relevance updated feeds in chronological order. Then, with updates to the network’s algorithm. The followers’ timeline began to be composed of an order of relevance. The instagram algorithm is getting smarter and is frequently. Updated in order to offer the best possible user experience.

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Therefore the platform began to collect data based

On our interactions, who we follow, what is liked and commented on. With this information, he can create personalized feeds according to each one’s interest. Given this, the delivery of content is directly related to its relevance, that is, to the interaction that the post is receiving. If most of your followers are fake, then your relevance will be small EJ Leads and instagram will not be in charge of highlighting your publication. As a result, you will be able to reach fewer. Followers who are really interested in your profile, since your posts will not be delivered to many users, that is, in the end. You may still lose the opportunity to send your message to the people who follow you. Truly. Loss of followers through cleanups. The expense connections is not.

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