The importance of emotional intelligence at work

We live in a world that is becoming more and more. Technological and, over the years, new habits, new professions and new work models have emerged – even more so now, with the pandemic – that. Demand more and more skills and knowledge from professionals, in all markets. With all these changes – which do not stop appearing –, in addition to the technical skills required, it is also necessary to develop behavioral skills (known as “ soft skills ”) to compete. For a job vacancy in any area. The “soft skills” are understood as the behaviors that a person can have in the face. Of situations and that directly influence their tasks and their performance in a work environment. We know that, from time to time, we go through situations of. Pressure and challenges that often end up affecting our psychology, and we. Need to know how to get around these episodes.

Currently one of the most valued soft skills in

Organizations is emotional intelligence. Basically, this skill can impact the way a company’s employees. Act during their day-to-day work, productivity and the results obtained by them. Do you want to know more about what emotional intelligence is, how to develop it, what benefits it brings and why it is important in. The work environment? Keep reading this text to find out! What is emotional intelligence? The term first appeared in. The 19th Slovakia Business Email List century, through the well-known biologist charles darwin, who, in one of his many studies on the evolution of living beings, arrived. At the concept of emotional intelligence. He said that this was an extremely important topic for. People’s adaptation and survival. But the subject only gained prominence.

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Many years later with the journalist and scientist daniel

Goleman – who became known as the father. Of emotional intelligence –, with his studies for understanding ei and its importance. For goleman, emotional intelligence is the ability. That a person has to identify and manage their own feelings, in addition to knowing how to understand the emotions of other people. According to the psychologist, knowing how to control emotions is essential for the development of an individual’s intelligence. Thus EJ Leads being able to feel, think and act with conscience and empathy. In this way, we do not let emotions control our actions. Which can prevent several factors such as stress, anxiety, illness and negative feelings in general. Benefits of emotional intelligence we can see.

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