Target audience why is it important

It is very common to find brands that run campaigns. To reach all types of audiences, but that end up generating a low return. That’s where the importance of understanding your target. Audience segmentation comes in and knowing how you’re going to reach them. Many companies have difficulties when it comes. To defining the market share that will act and how to set up their marketing strategy . If you want to know the differences between. Target audience and persona and want to understand how to define the audience in your future projects, check out our post. Know the importance of the target audience.

What is target audience Target audience is a group of

People who have similarities and interests in certain. Subjects or brands, and who will be fundamental for the development of marketing strategies. Before, only data such as: age. Group, sex and profession were taken into account. Today, the more Morocco Business Email List information, the better your knowledge about your target , and consequently your relationship with it. You need to know where to look for this group, understand who are the people who. Identify with your brand, who are following you on social networks, sharing and enjoying your content . Not necessarily, they are already customers. But they have great potential to become leads and, in the future, customers..

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The importance of knowing who these people

Is not only linked to the fact that they consume your. Product, but also to understand how they see your brand . The use of forms, online questionnaires and focus groups are ways. To find out more about your market audience, keeping in mind that the more people, the more information you will have when. Tracing your marketing objective. Let’s EJ Leads look at an example of a target audience: middle-class girls aged 13 to 17 who study in private schools. They are discovering themselves and living the dilemmas of adolescence and enjoy music, books, movies and series. They like to  shopping with their friends.

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