What is marketing

Marketing is, basically, a set of actions carried out to market and promote products or services. If you have any type of relationship with commerce or entrepreneurship , you must have already heard that word. But do you know what marketing is ? Regardless of what your answer is, this post will be very useful to you because we are not only going to address the concept of marketing, but we will also explain its relationship with marketing and advertising, some strategies and much more.

What is marketing

According to the Dictionary of the Spanish Language , marketing in commerce is a “set of operations through which a merchandise must pass from the company data producer to the consumer.” And, more specifically, it also refers to its marketing. So, in principle, we can say that marketing has to do with the actions carried out in the process of selling products and services to reach customers. However, it is an older practice than you think and went through different phases until reaching the present day.

Are marketing, marketing and marketing the same thing?

This is a very common question among those who are entering the market for selling digital or physical products . If this is your case, don’t worry, because EJ Leads right now we are going to clarify it for you. It is a consensus that marketing and marketing are synonymous words, whose only difference lies in their etymological origin. The first comes from English, that is, it is a foreign word, while the second is a Hispanic word. Its use depends on each country, but it is safe to say that “marketing” is used more widely.

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