Get to know social marketing and implement it in your company

As we know, traditional marketing has undergone several changes in strategies and positions. Throughout its history, giving rise to the digital marketing we know today. One of these main changes, in addition to the strong presence. In the digital market that we are currently experiencing, was in relation to advertisements: before they tried to convince. The public to make a purchase at any cost, with messages focused exclusively on sales. Today, the purpose of advertisements is. To win over customers, delivering information that is useful to them, captivating them and establishing a relationship of loyalty. And trust, valuing their consumption journey . This “friendship” relationship between brands and consumers gradually changed. With the adoption of new strategies , such as content marketing .

With this new way of relating consumers began to feel loved

By brands, and brands began to show that they cared about them. That’s because consumers have always expected brands to be more human – after all, brands. Are made by people, right? – and that offer personalized experiences. And, in addition, that they bring solutions with a social. Impact that benefit the entire community. And speaking of social impact, you’ve certainly heard the term social marketing, haven’t you? A strategy that. Has everything Slovenia Business Email List to do with what consumers expect from brands in society as a whole, with positions and attitudes that generate changes based on. Social causes and that really demonstrate that they care about the well-being of the collective. If you want to know more about what. Social marketing is and how important this tactic is, keep reading this text until the end and find out. What is social marketing. The term social marketing is a practice that emerged in the 70s, introduced by university professor philip kotler.

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He deduced that the principles of traditional marketing product

Sales, could also be used to promote social causes and propagate. Ideas, attitudes and behaviors with a focus on collective well-being. Since then, social marketing has become more and more. Relevant and its main objective is to mitigate social problems related, mainly, to public health issues, education, fight against hunger. And poverty and EJ Leads sustainability, among others. The purpose of social marketing is to involve the population with social causes, with. The affective responsibility of brands in actions based on this principle, showing – and demonstrating – that they are not motivated by commercial. Interests, but by genuine impulses, by empathy and by the desire to help the public. Next. This behavior captivates the public, who identify with certain causes and become aware of them, becoming part of the ‘movement’.

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