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Brand. Sometimes it is necessary to create the right color scheme by editing and building a suitable brand theme. The free version of Canva is perfect for processing images. In Canvas, you can scale the images of the content to suit each publishing platform, edit them lightly, and add text, graphics or animation to the images. With Canva, you can also design mobile videos that are optimized for Instagram Reels and Stories and Tiktok. Other free editing programs include Snapseed and Adobe Lightroom. Timing of publications

Marketing content

Should be planned well in advance so that there is no rush to publish it. Planning also supports maintaining a regular publishing pace. With b2b leads Facebook’s Meta tool, you can schedule posts for Facebook and Instagram, while for scheduling LinkedIn, Twitter and Tiktok posts you need a separate tool, for example Hootsuite, Later or Planoly. Organization of tasks The execution of marketing tasks is facilitated by the organization of work. Projects are created in Asana, Todoist and Trello, to-do lists are recorded, and task deadlines are

Delegated and

Scheduled, so that all tasks stay in order. Did you know that Smoothly has been building writing technologies and tools for a long time so that our content  EJ Leads creators can make the highest quality content possible without the hassle of figuring out the tools? Get to know our service . Here you can read examples of tasks and content that you can delegate to Smoothly’s content creators. Frequently asked questions . Here you’ll find comprehensive answers to puzzling questions, or you can contact us directly. Hundreds of

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