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But it’s not worth offering just anything . Here I give you some tips to create this Guide so that it really does its job: It has to be something very relevant and Leading the valuable to your target audience. It has to be designed to solve a very specific problem for your audience. It has to be easy to consume and easy to read . Just because it is longer is not better. A few sheets are enough. You must give quick and easy to apply advice . That when your potential client reads it and applies your advice, they will see some results. It has to be something new and not sound like more of the same .

Ecommerce at Leading the the top of Google

Offering a guide on “5 SEO tips to get top industry data more visits” is widely seen. In fact, there are a lot of posts on Google about this very thing. Here are a couple of Ebook headline ideas that could work: 3 new techniques (little known) to position your Ecommerce at the top of Google. The SEO white paper – 5 Strategies to fill your calendar to the brim with patients thanks to your website. In the first title, we talk about something. New and little known. In addition. We attack a very specific audience, ecommerce owners.

In this session you will add value

In the second, we talk about solving a very EJ Leads specific problem “filling your patient schedule” and it is something new. And what happens once they register? Once they have left you their data, you will send them, through an email marketing tool, a sequence of sales emails. The goal of these emails is to get people to schedule a session with you (free or paid). In this session you will add value, give them clarity and offer your services. Here is an example of an email sequence and what you can talk about in each of them: sales funnel 5. Create engaging content Ok, we have already created our profile and our sales funnel with the Ebook.

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