Linkedin sales is it worth investing

To start answering, let’s start thinking about the potential. Of this social network: linkedin brazil already has 50 million users. The platform, which makes great use of professional recruitment. Branding and business networking, has been increasingly successful in networking and digital sales. Talking about digital sales has been constant during the. Health crisis, which has opened up a new perspective for commercial teams. Where to look for prospects in times of closed doors. Even if the scenario begins to stabilize, with several activities returning to face-to-face activities, it is more than certain that the digital. Universe is here to stay and should be seen by sales teams as a great storehouse of opportunities.

More than ever after the pandemic is a new look at sales necessary

What is linkedin? Acting within a strictly professional sphere. The social network linkedin has more than 50 million users in brazil. Worldwide, there are more than 575 million, in more. Than 200 countries and other territories. Linkedin has an Netherlands Phone Numbers List audience that decides, focus on b2b business and a powerful segmentation. That is very promising for sales in different segments, because it is made up of professionals who own their own businesses, executives. Of large companies or managers of different areas. According to the linkedin audience 360 ​​study, 4 out of 5 platform professionals. Are decision-makers in their businesses. Thus, the potential of linkedin for companies is immense.

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In addition the new moment triggered by

The pandemic revealed that the relationship became much. Stronger within the sales scenario. This process was already under way for sellers to build another type of connection with buyers. Using remote mechanisms. According to data from the EJ Leads study “ sales scenario 2020 in brazil”, by linkedin itself, salespeople. Were already learning new skills within linkedin learning 3.5 times more than other professionals to acquire new skills for use in the digital universe. The trend already existed, however, the global health crisis accelerated this digital transformation process in all sectors. As a result, friendly  within the platform.

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