Linkedin sales navigator use the tool to find customers

Do you know what linkedin sales navigator is. This is a feature of the social network that further enhances. The generation of leads for companies and the chances of conversion. Understand what this tool is and what its potential is for. Those who close sales on linkedin . What is linkedin sales navigator? Linkedin is a very popular tool for. Networking and has incredible potential for lead generation. A hubspot study revealed that this social network generates a. Higher visitor-to-lead rate 3 times higher than twitter and facebook. In addition, this social network conversion rate also made. Linkedin outperform as an overall channel when it comes to sales.

This trend of using social networks to generate sales

Was already on the rise, however, after the pandemic. The process intensified, because this is an easier way to make connections and discover opportunities in an organic way. However, for those who want to further enhance the potential of the network, a premium paid business solution from their own social. Media is the linkedin sales navigator, which Hong Kong Phone Numbers List is a sales management platform, created especially for lead generation and customer prospecting . It is yet another technological resource that offers filters and tools that can help a company’s sales team. Achieve their goals by allowing them to find the right buyers, create a perfect list, prioritize and qualify leads, keep track of. Important lead updates, integrate with other sales tools and interact in a more personalized way.

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Additional linkedin sales features that add value

This tool is based on linkedin’s own logarithms and offers. Several features that bring numerous benefits to users who want to create and maintain relationships with business intelligence. Within the network, through a deeper understanding of leads and EJ Leads potential customers. According to linkedin itself, using sales. Navigator allows you to increase your pipeline by 15%; close 42% more deals and close 17% more deals. With this data that makes the system intelligent, it is possible, for example, to search for accounts and users that may be potential customers of your company, create lists and try new sales opportunities. Discover the features: advanced search.

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