Configure Remarketing Lists in Google Analytics

That’s it, as simple as that. It’s like when you go to Amazon to see a book and then that book follows you wherever you go . Configure Remarketing on Facebook, on blogs, on the subway (there’s not long left for this)… The funny thing is when that book is called “I know what you’re doing.” thinking”. That’s really a fine line… Has it ever happened to you? For sure yes! And, tell me, while we’re at it… Doesn’t it work? Yes, it works and very well . I remember that I once saw an English learning platform that then remarketed me so well that I ended up paying for the entire year. I think I’ve logged in twice since then and I still pronounce popups the way it sounds. Oh well…

The fact is that Configure Remarketing

Remarketing has many advantages for advertisers and its operation is very simple: you configure lists based on the people who visit certain sections of your website and you executive data wait for these lists to fill up . Then, whenever you want, you can launch ad campaigns targeting only people on one or more of those lists. Isn’t it simple? When should I consider creating Remarketing lists? Wow, what a good question. Ains, if that’s between you and my neighbor who has just asked her “boyfriend I guess”, shouting from the terrace:  touch my beige panties to see if they’re still wet”.

Today is the day of hot questions ! ! Hahaha . Hey, I’m sure it’s a clothesline issue, but it’s just so gross sometimes… Anyway. Let’s continue, okay? The answer to the question is very simple: from the beginning. Who knows when you might want to run a remarketing campaign? Maybe you think never but, knowing that it is very simple, free and does not affect anything at all.

Would n't it be irresponsible

Not to create those lists and let them fill up? . Then one day you decide that you want to do Remarketing and seeing that you have the lists available is very cool… How do you create Remarketing lists for Google Adwords? Before it was much more difficult but now it is as simple as going to Google Analytics and setting up “Custom Audiences”. It’s very simple. If you want, you can take a look at the video that accompanies this post and realize how simple it is. I say this is redundant, right? Do you get it? Ha ha ha.

According to Google Adwords, based on the statistical data they have EJ Leads from other companies in our sector and from our own website, they would be able to predict which users are  most likely to convert or carry out a transaction. Therefore, this list, if confirmed to work well (not always), would be amazing… All users . It is the first list, the one created by default and the one that includes all the people who have visited our website, regardless of the section they have seen. Ideal for Branding. New users and recurring users . 

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