Embrace social marketing and leave a positive mark on the world

Anyone who thinks that to be a good entrepreneur. It is enough to know how to run a business and make profits from it is wrong. Good entrepreneurs are those who seek to transform. The society around them through their company’s actions. Did you know that 50% of brazilian consumers declared themselves adept. At supporting or punishing companies based on their social participation? A survey carried out by the. Ethos institute showed that 24% of consumers prefer to purchase products. Or services from companies that practice social responsibility. Actions to the detriment of those that do not. Given these data, it is clear that social responsibility can be a great market opportunity for companies.

Do you want to stand out from the competition and

Still leave a positive mark on the world. Keep reading our post and find out where to start! What is social marketing? In general, marketing has undergone several changes throughout its history. If before the focus was on convincing the public at all costs, now the objective has become to win over customers. Through useful information throughout Oman Business Email List their shopping journey . Born in the 70s, social marketing emerged when. Philip kotler and gerald zaltman realized that the principles of traditional marketing could be used for social causes, through the promotion of conscious. Ideas, attitudes and behaviors focused on collective well-being. Social marketing, as the expression itself indicates, is a set of. Actions carried out by a company aimed at social and non-commercial causes.

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That way instead of focusing on selling products

Or services, or on the brand’s reputation. It promotes itself based on ideas and attitudes. The objective of every social marketing campaign is to mitigate or eliminate some. Problem or social inequality, mainly related to public health, transport, work, education or even something related to your target. The idea is to involve the population in a cause EJ Leads that they identify with, working precisely because they are not motivated by. Commercial interests, but genuine, from a social cause. There are several ways to practice social marketing: through material or. Financial donations to needy entities, publicizing some action and calling the public to collaborate and participate, sponsoring.

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