Marketing and sales need a new mindset and work together

The importance of the performance of the marketing. And sales team for the results of a company is unquestionable. But how should this alignment between the two areas be. Read this text to understand why these two. Sectors need to work together to maximize the chances of success. Marketing and sales: what does each sector do. These are two very strategic areas within companies, which are effectively responsible for the financial results of a company. Do you know what each sector must do to achieve these goals of selling more. The first step is to align their actions together. But let’s understand what each team does.

In the classic marketing and sales concept marketing has

Always acted before sales, acting as a support, because. It is the sector responsible for improving a consumer’s perception of a brand. Within this context, whether for an older or current scenario. The team in this department must: study and create actions to position the company in the market; knowing the consumer. Himself; plan institutional Brazil Mobile Number List communication; know the digital marketing tools to work with inbound marketing ; create promotional. Campaigns; understand how to attract customers ; understand the stages of the sale to deliver. More effective opportunities to the commercial department.

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When digital marketing creates a well-planned

Strategy, it will seek to attract the attention. Of leads (generate leads), which will be nurtured and qualified, to be passed on to the commercial sector, which will start a relationship in order to close a deal. After receiving the “baton” from EJ Leads marketing, the sales team will seek to take the opportunities presented. By marketing to the point of closing the deal, that is, they need to have an effective “plan of attack”. It’s when the sales funnel closes, when. Prospects make the purchase and become customers. For this, after establishing the connection with the leads, salespeople need. To make the correct  them to close the deal.

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