See  advantages of experiential marketing in branding

A new marketing paradigm has formed in the last decade based on relationship . It’s what professor philip kotler, one of the fathers of modern marketing, calls ” marketing 3.0 “. It’s about creating an emotional connection with customers, beyond the buying and selling relationship. One of the fundamental strategies. Of this conception is experience marketing. In this article, you will learn a little more about experience marketing, as well. As some successful cases with this strategy. Follow! What is experiential marketing? It is the process of integrating. Branding strategies with the customer’s experience, in order to use key elements, such as the appeal to pain and dreams. Storytelling, affective memory, connection and sense of belonging.

Building a brand that awakens in the customer

The need to maintain a faithful relationship involves synesthesia. That is, the association of different senses to transform the experience into a unique moment. This marketing strategy should. Contain different elements that work together to Guinea Business Email List integrate the company with the customer: identification of an emotional cause. That the company can exploit; forms of branding that generate interest, comfort and satisfaction; journey of interaction and loyalty. Personalized experiences; new opportunities. Starting from the subjectivity of the client, a more personal face. Of the company (its motivations and its history) must be presented in order to develop an environment of identification and relationship with the consumer.

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The exposition and definition of purposes should

Not be underestimated. The most recent generation that.  From this context, experience marketing proves to be a key piece in increasing customer retention in the short term. And survival within the market in the long term. What are the advantages of experiential marketing? Below, learn in detail the 4 main EJ Leads advantages of this strategy: 1. Create remarkable experiences one of the most explored possibilities in experience marketing. Strategies is the creation of campaigns outside the usual sales spaces, which reinforces the notion of brand presence. This idea may remind you of guerrilla marketing, a strategy in which something impactful is used.

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