What is social listening and why is it important in a marketing strategy

As a good marketing professional, you already know that social. Networks are not just platforms for content production, interaction and direct and indirect sales. Nowadays, they are much more than that, they. Are essential tools for companies to reach their target audiences , at the right time and with the best strategy. Keeping track of what happens in real time on social media, monitoring a brand’s audience and interacting with users are tasks for all social media. But, in addition to doing this, social media must always be aware of the news, analyze each subject of. The moment and observe everything around them, to take advantage of this and extract ideas and insights for their customers.

That’s where the term social listening comes into play

Because that’s exactly what it is: being aware of. Everything that happens to make the most of the events. Do you want to know how to use this strategy in your company and start. Applying it to your social media routine? Keep reading this post! What is social listening also known as “escuta social”, translating. Into portuguese, it is the action of “listening” to what people have to say through social interactions, following conversations. Keywords and Guyana Business Email List specific terms on the internet on subjects that are directly linked to a business. With this, it is possible to bring ideas and. Opportunities to captivate the public more and more. It’s more than just monitoring and responding to comments or seeing what. People are saying about a brand or product on social media, apps or blogs.

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Some professionals even make a slight confusion

With the brand monitoring activity , as both are similar and work better together. But social listening goes beyond just monitoring and answering questions about a brand, it is a. Strategic action, it is analyzing and reflecting on the information monitored and answered to the public and obtaining positive return with these actions. Why is EJ Leads social listening important? This strategy is considered very effective for companies. That seek to better understand their target audience and want to engage them, discovering their interests, in order to deliver. Exactly what they are looking for. Analyzing the context and trends surrounding interactions, in addition to bringing ideas for. Content to produce, will make your company know how to behave in front of your audience, such as how to communicate.

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