Martin Sorrell Meta is the problem for advertisers in the digital medium

Martin Sorrell , CEO and founder of S4 Capital and one of the most important figures in the marketing sector, was interviewed by the American media Bloomberg . The professional points out that although in recent weeks advertisers have focused their concerns on Twitter , the real concern of advertisers in the digital medium is the Facebook matrix . The businessman founder of WPP and S4 Capital expressed that “Meta is the problem.” In reference to the weaknesses and challenges of digital marketing in the current panorama. For him, Snap and Twitter do not represent the main problem, since “they only account for 1% of digital media globally.”

Martin Sorrell on the future of Twitter at the hands of Musk

Following Elon Musk ‘s industry email list controversial $44 billion purchase of Twitter , S4 Capital clients have decided to be cautious, adopting a “wait and see” strategy for possible changes to the platform’s advertising strategy under the direction of Musk. The last week has been complicated in the Twitter offices, after the arrival of the billionaire, workers and managers have left the company . Thus worrying advertisers who have doubts about the future of ads on Twitter. That is why Martin Sorrell points out that the four most important advertising platforms are Alphabet , Google’s parent company; Meta , parent of Facebook, Amazon and Bytedance , parent of TikTok. But Meta and Amazon have seen their shares decline in recent days after failing to meet earnings forecasts.

Customers don't want conflicts, they don't want controversies

Competing companies, such as the EJ Leads Interpublic Group holding company , have decided to pause their ads on Twitter, as noted by Variety . “It is still unclear where Elon Musk stands regarding moderation,” explains Martin Sorrell. The question is: how will Elon Musk’s Twitter operate in the future? “Customers don’t want conflicts, they don’t want controversies . ” On the contrary, they are looking for a stable environment, and as has been evident in the last week, Twitter is in a moment of inconsistency. As the professional points out, Twitter has always been inflexible with advertisers and opponents. Therefore, a moderation policy that “listens more” is necessary . This comment from Sorrell joins the letter that Elon Musk published on his Twitter account. 

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