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The revelation of 2016 in terms of real estate sites is certainly the arrival on the market of Bien’Ici , an interactive and easy-to-use site, which brings together a large part of the real estate profession. Bien’ici offers an à la carte service: according to the criteria established by the user, different properties appear on a 3D map, making it easy to target a district and see the different offers appear as you browse. In one click, you can find photos and details of the properties, and appointments can be made just as quickly, always with the aim of facilitating the customer’s process as much as possible.

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Map site bienici For sale for rent, reinvented real estate showcase You may already be familiar with iBeacon sensors, beacons that communicate via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) with nearby devices to send them targeted content. How did Latest Mailing Database the For Sale to Rent agencies use it? By equipping each of the agencies with these sensors, thus making it possible to send to passers-by holders of the application and approaching an agency (10-15 meters), real estate advertisements corresponding to their search criteria. By distributing the right information in the right place and at the right time, potential customers will be able to easily consult the listings of the properties as well as the agencies that manage them.

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Combining digital and physical, this new feature invites users to push the door of the agency to meet the professionals who will accompany EJ Leads them in their project. nexity connected agency Social networks: How to use them? The presence on social networks is an essential step for all agencies and promoters who wish to promote their properties, and platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or even Pinterest can be very effective – find all our articles on the subject -, even more with the constant development of their new features.

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