Meet tiktok the most popular social network of the moment

Have you ever imagined the potential reach of an application. That had a number of downloads greater than that of instagram, number of interactions equivalent to those presented by. Twitter and almost the same accumulation of active users that facebook has? This application exists and is called tiktok, a real success. Among the young public, in full expansion, and the object of study of marketing professionals all over the world, who rush to understand. The new social network and establish ways to exploit this digital phenomenon. With more than 2 billion downloads worldwide. Tiktok registers 800 million active monthly users, who access the application about 20 times a day and. Remain logged in, on average, for 1h30min in total. The numbers are booming, which indicates that the social network, a craze among young people, is here to stay.

The market leaves no doubt the growth of new social

Networks are real opportunities for expanding. The reach of brands and developing new businesses. Involving tiktok in a marketing strategy can be an important. Element to impact more people, creating interactions that make it possible to reach and retain new customers, creating brand advocates in an organic way. However, as it is new, many professionals have not yet found the best format to explore the opportunities. Guaranteed by the Trinidad and Tobago Business Email List application. Before including tiktok in your marketing strategy, you need good planning and knowledge about the tool, your audience and how to explore their interactions. If, after this introduction, you realized the great potential of this social network. And want to understand how the application works and how it can be inserted in a brand planning , continue reading to. Understand how to explore the new resource for an approach with the your audience.

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What is tiktok Tiktok is an application available for ios and

Android operating systems, whose main. Tool is recording and publishing videos – from 15 to 60 seconds. With the format of a social network, users can follow each other. Like, share and comment on publications. The application is based on the idea of ​​creating a faster dynamic, which requires. A well-done job to capture the audience’s attention, which, in a short time, seeks the next content. Existing tools encourage relaxed and humorous EJ Leads content. It is possible to record imitations, do dubbing or choreographies, present memes , challenge. Your followers or establish “pranks”. The focus is on fun and relaxation. The social network was created in china in 2016, but the. Worldwide success came after its creator – the company byte dance, which already explored the short-term video.

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