Mistakes in visual identity that should not be committed

Have you noticed that a design, a more expressive. Color or a format seen quickly on the street are capable of bringing a company’s image to mind? Do you know why this happens. One reason is good brand management , which involves creating a business logo , choosing colors that will represent it. And designing your campaign materials. In addition, a company that is successful in this regard is unlikely to. Have errors in its visual identity that harm its brand image. Redesigning or developing a logo that only looks good in certain. Media is an example of a mistake. If you’ve ever had difficulties in harmonizing an advertising piece with your company’s brand, you know what we’re talking about.

In fact we will talk more about this misconception below

Since optimizing the visual identity is vital for a business. Strategy, we list 6 of the main mistakes that can harm it. Follow! Visual identity: 6 mistakes you need to avoid 1. Too many colors and effects it’s no use decorating or using too many Somalia Business Email List colors in the company’s visual identity. This is very likely to leave your brand and your advertising. Pieces polluted, with an excess of information and even repulsive to the target audience . Coloring a lot doesn’t mean being creative , nor does it help reinforce the brand in people’s minds. It’s easier to make the campaign’s message heavy, diverting the. Focus from what you want to show and even stamping rankings of worse visual identities.

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You don’t want that right? It is recommended to

Employ between two and three colors in building your brand. This doesn’t mean making it minimalist — although sometimes that’s good — but making it simpler, with an easy-to-remember design. As the saying goes, “less is more”. Also, resist the temptation to add effects of all sorts to the colors. As much as editing programs have hundreds of features, settle for as little as possible. Otherwise, there’s a good chance you’ll overdo it and make. Your EJ Leads mark tiresome, if not weird, on the eyes. So don’t get too carried away with gradients, shadows, lights, and other effects. 2. Lack of clarity clarity is key to the message your visual identity will convey. For this, it is necessary to think about the format that your company logo will have, the symbol that will be used and even the mascot (if you have one). Anyone who sees these elements needs to. Be able to understand what your business means.

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