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If you’ve ever browsed the pages of any website or blog and. Found links leading to other areas of that same domain, you’ve seen the internal linking method in action. Internal links are part of a set of actions that make up seo , after all, there are several techniques that can take us to the top of google’s rankings. Among the best known are the use of keywords, content creation and many others. However, many end up not knowing or neglecting the use of internal links. Thinking about helping you improve your seo strategy even more, we created this post full of tips. Benefits of internal links benefits of internal links internal links are links present on your website. Which point to another page belonging to your own website.

In general they are used to facilitate user

Navigation within the site, but there are many. Other benefits hidden behind this strategy. Check out the main ones now. Help with site indexing google regularly crawls the internet for new content. Googlebots follow available link paths to find and index new pages. Therefore, if your website has several links. Google will have an easier time crawling Turkmenistan Business Email List your content and will open the door for many others to be found as well. Working on internal linking will give you even greater. Authority, as you will be showing google that each piece of content you post is related to other, also quality content. Improve your website ranking internal links help your site to rank better in search engines, as. Google’s algorithm visits sites in order to analyze and rank their content. Therefore, the more internal links, the more it will be guided within the page.

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Pass value from more important pages to pages. That still don’t have the same strength. After all, it’s no use having just the home page as a strong page if the other product. Content and contact pages don’t show up well in google searches. With this, distributing the power of important pages to. Almost all pages of a site greatly improves the domain EJ Leads as a whole. Offer value to the user when we are researching a subject, we. Like to delve into other content that is related to our interest, right? When you create internal links, you are delivering more value. To your users by delivering other content. Also know that this is a great way to lead your users to a certain destination, that is.

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