The advantages of using hashtags

It’s not news to anyone that hashtags are. Those words preceded by the famous tic-tac-toe symbol. They started on twitter, but ended up dominating other social networks. Don’t be adept at using hashtags just because it’s “Fashionable”. Check out our post and stay on top of tips and benefits of. Using hashtags how to use hashtags on each social network? Hashtags started to be used by twitter and today they are already. Present in many other social networks, such as: instagram, facebook, pinterest etc. But care is needed, as user behavior is very different in each of them.

It is important to research how your target audience

Behaves on different social networks, so that. You can use hashtags correctly in order to generate good results. For example, a word that is very successful on twitter will not necessarily. Be successful on instagram, as is the case with the viral hashtags on each network: ff on twitter or instagood on instagram. Given these differences, let’s India Business Email List talk a little bit about each social network so that there is no doubt. Twitter since he is the great precursor of hashtags, why not start with him. According to sources from the company itself , posts with hashtags can increase engagement in social profiles. By 100% and by up to 50% for business profiles. The purpose of hashtags on twitter is nothing more than to categorize posts. It is no wonder that trending topics exists, which signals the most discussed subjects.

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As on twitter the number of characters is limited per post

People usually use a maximum of three hashtags. So as not to make the post polluted or turn into spam. Once published, you can follow what people are saying about the hashtag, through. Two ways: the simple search, or the advanced search, in which you can filter dates, locations, languages ​​and other data. Instagram unlike twitter, on instagram it is possible to use a larger number of hashtags. Research by social fresh found that posts. That used seven EJ Leads hashtags had 23% higher engagement. Another difference between these two networks is that hashtags are much. More general on instagram than on twitter. They usually refer more to the photos themselves, making a brief description, as. In the case of using location or viral hashtags like nofilter or instagood.

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