Once A Year A Lot Changes During The Year

Activities aime at shaping a positive image of the organization as an employer, both in relation to currently employe and potential employees. Employer branding is base on the concept that work in a specific company is a commodity that nees to be skillfully sold. It is “creating an employee” by influencing his character, values ​​and approach to work, so that over time he becomes a living advertisement and ambassador of the company. Employer branding allows you to shape two basic assets of the company: associations with the employer’s brand and loyalty to it internal marketing.

New Employees Join Old Ones

It is commonly believe that recruitment is the recruitment of candidates for a job base on formal criteria, which is serve by verification of eucation in conjunction with qualification tests. Meanwhile, in a company that declares internal marketing phone number list orientation, recruitment is a process of obtaining and gathering information about the candidate’s expectations, not only in terms of technical means of work or roles, but also offering him a vision of the organization so that he can look at his duties from a broader perspective, while taking into account your expectations. Internal marketing – examples.

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Leave Or Get A Promotion New

The company’s image is more and more often treate as one of the most important resources, which, if it is positive, can become a key factor of competitive advantage. Properly implemente internal marketing can stimulate the efficiency of employees, regulate EJ Leads tensions between them and provide new strategic perspectives for an active personnel policy. Examples of activities carrie out as part of internal marketing are the following instruments: strengthening loyalty to the company and maintaining good relations between employees (. integration meetings), increasing the involvement of employees in the implementation of the company’s goals and strengthening the exchange.

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