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Therefore, they cannot always afford revenues to concentrate only in certain periods. Seasonality of sales – definition How to take advantage of the seasonality of sales? Seasonality of sales and negative effects for the company Can you sell all year round? of sales – definition Seasonality of sales – an explanation of this concept may seem unnecessary, because everyone is aware of the existence of this phenomenon. What is more interesting, however, is that seasonality also affects less obvious industries and that there are strategies to eliminate it.

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The definition of seasonality of sales says that it is a situation when a good or service is in demand only at certain times of the year. Seasonality can be relate to objective factors such as the weather. They can also be impose artificially. Externally – through regulations or customs (holidays in July, ban on a given activity in certain periods, etc. Sometimes whatsapp mobile number list the seasonality of sales is also associate with consumer decisions, which explain, for example, the extraordinary popularity of passes for exercise classes and gyms in January, when many people start implementing New Year’s resolutions. We recommend Relationship marketing and the low CLV dilemma How to take advantage of the seasonality of sales.

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The seasonality of sales on the example of New Year’s resolutions shows quite well how these trends can be use and stimulate. When you look at the trends that have been popular in recent years, many of them will turn out to be relate to boosting EJ Leads sales during “dead” periods throughout the year. An appropriate marketing strategy will allow, for example, to extend the period of greatest interest in class passes and provide sales support in less obvious months: February: campaign addresse to people who did not manage to buy a season ticket at the beginning of the year. March-April: gym membership as part of spring cleaning. May-June: preparation for the bikini season supporte by an appropriate content strategy on a healthy lifestyle.

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