Optimization and data based decisions

Format for free so that you can build and maintain a plan for the content to be produced and published on top of the ready-made template. Writing Writing content is often the most laborious phase of marketing, so all aids for producing text should be evaluated. Traditional Office tools, such as Word, are sufficient here, at least to get started. Office tools also include spelling and parsing tools. There are also other more advanced text generation tools on the market that utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence, such as jasper.ai.

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Writer is sometimes blinded by his own output, so it’s good to check the writing before publishing. With the free Oikofix tool, you can check the text in Finnish and English. Oikofix checks spelling and b2b email list comma errors and gives suggestions for corrections. Grammarly works on the same principle as O ikofix, but only for English-language content. The tool is therefore convenient, Image and video banks It is primarily worth investing in the company’s own image bank, where images of logos, personnel and products are collected.

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Suitable image available for all purposes, and in that case the image banks found on the Internet help. the images in the photos are freely available and editable. The images are suitable, for example, for illustrating a digital service or a certain  EJ Leads feeling. Free image banks include Unsplash, Pexels and Pixabay, the latter two of which also have videos. If the need for images and videos is greater, you should turn to the paid versions and use Shutterstock, for example. Build your content marketing toolkit with free marketing tools. Image editing and graphic design It is important that the published images are in line with the company’s

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