Perhaps not but internet users are already familiar

With several search platforms, such as yahoo, bing, ask, aol, and. So on, but undoubtedly the most famous of them is google, which really dominates the market. . To get an idea, in 2020 alone, google held 86.64% of the search engine market, generating revenues of us$ 146.9 billion, according to forbes data. However, this new platform promises to be a strong name to rival this giant. Perhaps, in a while, instead of saying that it will be googled, you. Will start saying that it will “make ” see the news that this new search engine brings to users, especially. With the appeal of focusing strengths on privacy.

What is with funding led by

Marc benioff, ceo of salesforce, and others. Such as breyer capital, day one ventures and other silicon valley businesses, is the world’s first open search engine, has no. Advertising and is directed towards user privacy. To provide more reliable data, uses an algorithm based on artificial intelligence (einstein), which. Uses natural language processing Denmark Cell Phone Number List to better understand what the user wants. The first differential of is the interface design, which. Brings the presentation of the search results by cards, in a row of horizontal panels, and not in a vertical list, as in google.

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On this platform the results are always presented

In blocks and with an image, grouped by sources. So users can create a custom navigation engine based on their favorite fonts. According to the developers, this new form is due to. The perception that user searches are increasingly concentrated on a smaller number of larger sites. Leaving these searches on horizontal cards. Is also a way to facilitate the EJ Leads process of finding the desired information. Also, from the results page, users can move. The panels up or down according to the ranking they want. Search results are extracted from youtube videos or publications. From social media apps (linkedin, reddit, tik tok or twitter). For the developers of the new search platform, each.

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