Pinterest to drive traffic to your website

Everyone who works with digital marketing has. Noticed that the organic reach of social networks has decreased a lot. But there is a platform that has been a light at the end of the tunnel. For organic traffic generation and this time we are not talking about linkedin, we are talking about pinterest . According to data pointed out by the social. Network itself, released in july 2020, pinterest surpassed the mark of 400 million active users per month. Which demonstrates the reach that the platform can have. But, how to use. Pinterest to increase your website traffic? Read the text below and check.

First of all what is pinterest and how does it work

Created in 2010 to be a network for sharing. Innovative ideas, the “social network of pins”, as pinterest is also known, focuses on images in segments such as fashion, tourism. Gastronomy, architecture and decoration, beauty, etc. . However, there UK Mobile Number List is much more to it than that. There are pins about education, business, technology and even games. Also, contrary to what many people think, pinterest is not a network that only attracts the attention of women. The company itself disclosed that 50% of new subscriptions each year come from men. Furthermore, by combining a smart feed (constantly changing) search engine algorithm, with follow, like and comment functionality. Pinterest has become a search engine mix with everything social media offers.

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Pinterest audiences use the network to support

Their dreams, hobbies and even “plan” their lives. For example, if you want to travel, keep an eye on. The beautiful images of the most popular destinations, or if you want to have a dinner with friends, run to look for recipes. With step-by-step images EJ Leads or the final result of a dish. But in addition to photos, within pinterest it is possible to include infographics, tutorials and other content in image format published on your blog or website. How to use pinterest to generate traffic. Now that you know how the pinterest website works , you might be wondering: but how can it generate traffic? Well, basically. The images that are published on the network are associated with the source link.

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