Examples of convergence culture and practices in marketing

The term “convergence culture” is in fashion, especially. In the areas of communication, digital marketing campaigns and entertainment. Created and addressed in the book of the same name, authored by. Henry jenkins, professor of communication, journalism and cinematographic arts at the university of cambridge and media. Scholar, this concept became famous for explaining part of the current media changes. In convergence culture, audiences are divided by the rise of platforms and channels. Thus, users of these media are better able to interact in these environments. Thanks to access to online networks and digital interactivity itself. Hard to understand? Don’t worry, below we explain more. Clearly the concept behind the convergence culture and, to illustrate it well, we list success stories related to it.

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Marketing concepts in general, we can say that communication. Formats tend more and more to converge in a single medium, and all of them are influenced by the internet nowadays. In this context, the generated content flows and passes Mayotte Business Email List through several platforms and devices, in which the technology. Changes, but the medium (web) is maintained. For example, a message is produced and broadcast on the internet, but whoever. Receives this content can consume it on a smartphone, notebook, tablet or other device with access to the web. Is it easier to understand now. In the book “convergence culture”, there are still three essential points that are part of this process, they are: media convergence.

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Media convergence is related to the flow of

Content through different media platforms and. Consumer cooperation in the media. This factor is seen as a cultural and not a technological process, since it involves changing. People’s consumption habits. Users today go almost anywhere for the entertainment experiences they want, moving from support to support. To understand it better, let’s look EJ Leads at the case of fans of cinema, games, music and other content, who. Gain a voice on the web and, thanks to this, can discuss what they like. This means that they are no longer passive, on the contrary. They actively participate in the media, which are influenced by the internet. After all, it  to the media.

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