The Plugin to Convert More Users Into Leads on Your Word Press Website

Rock Convert is the plugin for WordPress that allows you to create automated. CTAs and banners, increasing the number of leads and reducing manual work. When creating a blog , your first challenge is to gain a loyal audience. The Plugin For that, you need a very well-planned content production and dissemination strategy. If the sessions won don’t take your visitors to the next step of the journey, it’s useless. And the next step is the conversion and loyalty of your audience, so that they can follow your newsletter and receive news of your launches.

The Plugin What is Rock Convert

Rock Convert is a plugin compatible email database with any version of. WordPress with various functionalities such as adding bulk banners, automatic generation of pdf version of the post. Newsletter box in the sidebar and several others. In addition to bundling all of these features into a single app, call-to-actions. CTAs are published directly from your. WordPress dashboard and can be monitored through Google Analytics . With the plugin installed, you will have access to all the features presented below.

Generate Leads by Offering Your Own Publication as Useful Material

When you produce very complete content EJ Leads there is the possibility. Of offering it in PDF as a useful material to make it easier for. Your reader to access it again whenever they want. To generate this pdf, there is a challenge: every time the post is updated the. PDF also needs to be updated, right? Or else it would end up outdated. Rock Convert not only facilitates the generation of the. PDF it also has dynamic behavior, updating the document every time the content is updated. To use this feature, simply log into WordPress as an administrator and edit the post you want to create the pdf version of.

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