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People buy from people and we want to Product Revolution. know who is behind a brand. Transformation story: It is about telling the success stories of your clients. Do you have a client who has tripled his visits thanks to you? Tell it on your Instagram with a video or carousel in which you show the BEFORE and AFTER of hiring your services. Own achievement: Here you will tell your own story of transformation. You used to be a waiter but thanks to SEO you managed to get an extra salary.

Field of copywriting it Product Revolution is thought that

Did you have a project, but you category email list couldn’t eat a penny because you didn’t have visitors and now you do? Show that transformation you have achieved. Break false beliefs: In your sector there are surely. False beliefs established. For example, in the field of copywriting it is thought. That, to write any sales text. You need to have a natural talent or be very creative. And this is completely false. Anyone can learn how to write great copy.

Small entrepreneurs try to position articles

The key is to break down these beliefs in your posts to encourage EJ Leads people. To take action and book that session with you. In this last point I tell you the case of a client who is an SEO. Copywriter and we demolished the false belief in her audience. That a landing page (where the lead magnet is offered) cannot be positioned. Most small entrepreneurs try to position articles, but they don’t stop even though you can optimize. This section of your website to the maximum so that you get leads. Through Google (which is very attractive, by the way). When you dismantle this false belief. You let your potential clients know that they are doing something. Wrong or that they could be doing it better.

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