To watch and be inspired five TED Talks about professional trends

TED Technology Entertainment Design is a worldwide event. That mobilizes leaders and specialists to discuss trends in different market segments that will directly impact our way of living. Working and behaving. In its last edition, TED had great discussions about professional trends and the future challenges of the labor market. Below, we separate five unmissable presentations for you. Check out! 1. What will the jobs of the future look like? In his presentation, economist Andrew McAfee spoke about the need to reinvent ourselves in the face of the use of robots, androids, drones and other technological equipment in the labor market. According to him, there will be a need to educate future generations to see the market in a different way so that they grow accustomed to the idea of ​​seeing more things that look like science fiction and less that look like jobs.

In a short time we will have self-driving

Cars and we will combine Siri with Watson to facilitate the calls made by people”, explains Andrew. “The only way to combat the job shortage as we know it now is to encourage entrepreneurship, duplicate infrastructure and train people properly,” he adds. The economist also considers the need for governments to intervene more US Business Email List radically, such as a guaranteed minimum income for all citizens. “One thing we can be proud of in the United States and some countries in Europe is these networks of guaranteed social benefits,” he says. “Technology is impacting education more. My concern is that we are going to have cutting-edge technologies in a worn-out society supported by an economy that generates inequality”, summarizes Andrew. What will the jobs of the future look like.

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Big data is better data Kenneth Cukier

Editor of The Economist, opens his speech talking about. The vast amount of data we currently have access to and the various possibilities for using this information. “More data allows us to see more than before and also to discover new things. Reckons Kenneth, emphasizing that the only way for EJ Leads countries to deal with global challenges – feeding people. Advancing medical care, providing energy and ensuring we don’t burn out by global warming – will be using data effectively. “Information has gone from static to dynamic. By gathering information, we can prevent accidents and even prevent thefts. He adds. “It is possible to throw data at a computer and allow it to  of competing for jobs with highly efficient and fast computers.

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