Professional lack of respect

I know, the video below is homemade, improvised, zero edits or filters, but what matters to me is the message about professional respect. It is likely that I will open Pandora’s box and I will have defenders and detractors. I do not claim to have the absolute truth because I do not believe in it, I am only exposing a real situation and how I personally lived and felt it. I would love to know your opinion with respect. Exactly, professional and personal respect.

Context of the situation

Context of the situation. I’ll put you in context more explicitly about what happened and why I’m talking about professional respect. A few days ago I had a long-scheduled meeting with a potential client. In my case, when they contact me for the first time and ask me for a meeting via video conference, I rarely email database accept it on the first try, because, let’s be honest, they almost always tend to be a waste of time and drag on ad nauseam, when Many of them could be resolved with a couple of emails . Again, professional respect.

Personal opinion and professional and personal respect

Personal opinion and professional and personal respect If you follow me on social media, you know that I am five and a half months pregnant , almost six, in fact. My first trimester was very hard on all levels, physically and emotionally. But this is another story that I will tell later for whoever wants to listen or read it. In those first three months, and hence my comment, I had to postpone several Master’s classes at my Story Emotion School , meetings and interviews in the media. I was overwhelmed, there were even a EJ Leads couple of visits to the emergency room fearing the worst. But even in those circumstances, I ALWAYS notified with an email or Whatsapp.

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