How to choose the representation of your brand

If you are thinking about starting a new business. Then you need to plan for how your brand will be. That is, thinking about a name, a logo and all its visual conceptualization. As you may have , there is a huge variety of types of logos and terms that define each one of them. That’s why we created this post! If you. Want to clear all your doubts about nomenclatures and concepts that are often confusing, you are in the right place! To begin with. Logo does not exist! You may have already read or heard someone speak, but the term logomark is wrong. If we go a little deeper into the origin of the word, we will see that it is a case of redundancy.

Logo comes from the greek logos and means

Among other things, concept or meaning. Brand comes from the germanic “marka” and has the same meaning as logo, that is, concept or meaning. That is, if we think about the meaning of the logo, we would arrive at something like the meaning of the meaning. Now it’s clear why this word is considered wrong, right. Logo logo is the visual Maldives Business Email List representation of a concept. It is the first point of visual, rational and emotional contact that customers have. With your brand, that is, it is used to identify and qualify the brand. The logo, a short form of logo, is a fundamental part of a brand’s visual identity , and usually receives greater attention within the marketing and design area. This happens since it is one of. The most recognizable elements for consumers when they remember an offer or brand name. In addition to functioning as a signature and design element.

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Now that this concept is clear let’s get to know

The different types of logos that exist on the market: imagotype. The imagotype is the combination of a name with an image. They are one of the most formats in the world due to their versatility, as they can be separately, that is, just the lettering or just the image. In this way, this type carries two sources. Of brand recognition. Examples EJ Leads of this type are: lacoste, adidas, dove. Isolog this is when the company name is inside a graphic icon. Different from the imagotype that the elements can be separately, in the isologo, all the elements are in a single image. As an example we have: ford, nivea, burger king, lego and many others. Isotype this class only uses images as representations of a brand. This  personality of the brand.

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