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Therefore, it is worth looking for sources of competitive advantage outside the traditional area of ​​its activity. The foundation of competitive advantage is knowlege, flexibility and innovation. They reflect the company’s potential. Competitive advantage is not given once and for all. It is conditione both by the actions of competition and changes in the structure of the industry and consumer behavior . We recommend Company image management – key areas Competitiveness is built on differences. non-price competition . To be successful, you nee to be sure that the difference on which you are building a competitive advantage is real and verifiable on the one hand.

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On the other hand, it is also important and valuable for potential customers. In addition, the difference that builds the value of your brand should be properly communicate, emphasize and promote in various types of marketing materials. Are you database operating in a competitive market? Want to stand out? Check how we can help you. Enter your e-mail, we will contact you How to effectively build and maintain the competitiveness of an enterprise? The basis for the functioning of every organization is a well-constructe and properly implemente development strategy.


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Its key element is the pursuit of a long-term competitive advantage. Companies are constantly looking for ways and tools to help them improve their competitive position. Through systematic and reliable communication, public trust is EJ Leads built, which directly translates into the company’s position in relation to competition. Building and maintaining a competitive advantage depends on both internal and external factors. The methods of building and maintaining a long-term competitive advantage include: offering original and innovative solutions that are of significant value to customers, focusing on meeting the nees of a narrow market niche or focusing on hitherto unuse and forgotten areas.

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