Sell ​​on Amazon or Ebay to Open Your Online Store

Sell on amazon or ebay to open your online store company.  Marketplace, online shop an alternative to e-commerce? The marketplace on amazon or ebay! Would you like to open an online shop, but don’t have enough money for your own e-commerce? Don’t give up on your idea, because selling on amazon or ebay with a marketplace is a valid alternative! We have talk extensively about marketplaces and e-commerce in another . Article , which I invite you to read, because it could be useful to you. In this post I want to focus above all on the sales . System of amazon and ebay, to understand if there is any convenience.  In using the two platforms and what are the advantages reserv for those like you who would like to open a shop.

First steps to sell products on Amazon

 Own e-commerce is more challenging as we had already explain in the article I mention, having your . Own e-commerce is certainly the first choice for those who want to open an online store. The problem is that not everyone can afford e-commerce. Large investments are ne and there are latest database a whole . Series of fairly  complex collateral activities. Such as contracts to be conclud with banks, relationships with suppliers, shippers.  Various tax obligations or warehouse management. If you are at the beginning of a new adventure, have a small business to . Start and have no previous experience in e-commerce, I advise you to choose a simpler path. 

Marketplace on Amazon: Basic plan

Which? Sell on amazon or ebay, because it is certainly easier! Amazon and ebay are two very solid platforms, known by people and organiz enough to be able to take on many tasks. First steps to sell products on amazon to start selling on amazon.  You will ne to create a seller account and give amazon.  Some information including: the company headquarters the.  Type of EJ Leads company (private, list company, state-own company.  Charity) unless you are an individual seller the name and legal . Company name your crit card details cardholder and merchant data.  What amazon offers to those who choose to open a marketplace.  It offers a very simple sales system, which starts with the creation . Of a product catalog and advertisements, 

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