Digital marketing metrics you should keep an eye on

In order to achieve the objectives of your strategies, it is necessary. To monitor the digital marketing metrics that really deliver value for your analysis. One of the main advantages of online marketing is that. It allows you to follow your performance metrics in real time and with high accuracy.It is no longer necessary to rely on estimates. As it used to be in the traditional environment . Thanks to the technology available today, you can. See exactly who was impacted by your content. To make the best of this new reality, you need to acquire a mindset focused on digital marketing metrics.

That means looking at the right numbers and making

Strategic decisions based on them. Here are three digital marketing metrics to keep an eye on: 1. Roi acronym for return on investment, this metric takes into account what was. Spent and what was obtained in return. With this indicator, you can be sure that your marketing efforts are paying off or if you. Need to review your strategy to stop Norfolk Island Business Email List losing money. The roi is decisive to assess the effectiveness of a decision and can. Also serve as support to corroborate a strategic choice for your company. To calculate the roi, you must apply the. Following formula: (return – initial investment)/initial investment. If your result is 3, for example, that means your. Roi was three times what you initially spent.

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In order to understand the quality of your results

It is essential that you create the habit of performing. This analysis periodically and being able to compare the numbers. 2. Customer acquisition cost the number of customers. Seems to increase every month, but revenue remains stagnant. Does this scenario sound familiar to you. If so, it is an imbalanced customer acquisition cost problem. Also called EJ Leads cac, the metric shows whether you are spending more to. Acquire customers than they are buying from you. It doesn’t make sense to spend more than they will return in sales, so this. Issue should ring a bell in your analysis. Ideally, your cac needs to be smaller and smaller. This would represent that you are.

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