So what should great customer service look like?

Although this study by Mitrol (a marketing company specializing in call centers) is not recent. The trend shown by the data will not have changed much. When a customer is served poorly they count more. Than when they are served well. There is no second chance to make a good first impression. And furthermore, making a second good impression after a bad first one will be difficult and, in any case, it will be expensive. The bank clerk in Robbery at Three. Presented himself to a client as a more than helpful employee. Fernando Galindo, an admirer, a friend, a slave, a servant.

An example of customer service

Far from excellence, loaded with a servile attitude rather than service and also focused only on one customer profile: attractive women  The haughty and distant attention reflected in ‘s tweet does not seem excellent either : Some clerks at El Corte Ingles look at you as if they were gods of commerce. We can company data agree that good customer service should be much closer. But the key is to define proximity. For example, Jean Reno. The murderer protagonist of León (The Professional) explained his concept of professionalism that perhaps includes excessive closeness. The more professional you are, the closer you kill the client. When I am asked.

What is the best technique

For example, to find better professional opportunities, to improve productivity, to motivate employees… I usually answer that the best technique is the one that works. And it is the same reflection that I would apply to create an excellent customer service. You have to ask customers about their satisfaction EJ Leads with the attention received in each specific company. Brand, product or service and measure how. It influences their arrival, stay and departure as customers. In short, the best customer service is the one. That works for the customers we are interested in attracting and keeping in our company or business. Attention to customer emotions. 

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