Megapix and the success of live blogging

Do you want to know how a large pay tv channel. Managed to cause incredible engagement through social networks and live blogging, generating a unique interaction with. The second screen? Check out our successful case and see how it is possible to integrate tv and mobile devices without losing. The audience’s attention! About megapix megapix is ​​a branch of the globosat family aimed at showing the greatest blockbusters. In cinema, with films for all tastes. The channel is known for showing films that marked eras such as as branquelas and. Bad boys, in addition to sequels beloved by the brazilian public such as twilight and the hunger games.

Megapix also has in its grid a variety of

Brazilian films such as minha mãe é uma peça. De pernas pro ar and cidade de deus. What is live blogging in recent years, we have observed how information and news travel. To anywhere in the world virtually instantly via the internet. From this need for constant updating, live blogging was born. Which is a post, or sequence of posts, that disseminate China Business Email List information and events live, in a succinct and precise way. Despite the fact that live blogging arose from. The need of large communication vehicles to make journalistic and informative updates, brands saw there not only the possibility. Of talking to their audience, but also creating a community around their products and services.

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One of the platforms most used by brands for this

Strategy is twitter, capable of making posts of just 280 characters. And allowing immediate interaction between brands and users. Fast and furious marathon one of the most beloved franchises by. Brazilians, and especially by the megapix target audience, became a marathon on april 26th. The fast and furious marathon. Was publicized on all megapix EJ Leads channels, with posts on facebook, instagram and twitter, in addition to massive campaigns. On the channel during the month. One of the main differentiators of the campaign was aimed at attracting the audience. And going beyond the first screen with live blogging on twitter, ensuring megapix’s interaction with users. The screening of the films started at 8:25 am on april 26th. The hashtag maratonavelozesnomegapix was chosen not only to. Cause engagement on the channel.

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