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Did you know that mobile is already the main source. Of internet connection for 60% of the brazilian population ? This means that being mobile friendly is no longer a differential and becomes. Essential for all companies that want to guarantee their presence on the internet. Thinking about bringing these users even closer, several. Companies are investing in producing their own applications and ensuring a better relationship with the public. With this practice becoming more and more frequent and the application landscape becoming competitive, how do you stand out among competitors. The first step is making use of aso! But what is it and how does it work.

If you want to know more to put your app at

The forefront, we explain everything in this post! What is app. Store optimization? App store optimization, also known as aso, stands for optimization for app stores. Thus, aso is basically a set of techniques that help improve Bangladesh Business Email List the placement of an application within the app store. If you think there is a relationship between aso and seo. You are right! The difference is that while seo is concerned with ranking websites and articles within search engines, aso is specifically. Concerned with improving rankings in app stores. Companies that already have their own apps apply these techniques to ensure. More visibility for app store users, standing out from their competitors. The application of aso means that the application will appear. Organically in user searches, reducing the need to invest in advertisements.

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How important is it Applications that invest in aso

Techniques face several advantages. One of them is the good placement within the. App stores, which ensures that they are more perceived by users. Another point that makes the aso fundamental for those. Who make applications available is the download rate. Research has shown that on android, 75% of app downloads come from searches. That is, investing in optimization techniques can greatly improve your app’s download rate and reduce. The need for EJ Leads paid advertising. Finally, it is important to emphasize that downloads made via organic search indicate. That there is a real interest on the part of the user in owning the application. Therefore, the rate of loyalty to your app can increase a lot, ensuring the reduction of app uninstalls. 8 tips from aso now that you understand the importance of investing in. Aso, you probably want to understand how to put these techniques into practice and ensure that your app.

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