The importance of ab testing for digital marketing

The ab test is really  in digital marketing to. Optimize the results of strategies and actions. An online survey  by econsultancy in association with redeye of over 800 digital. And e-commerce marketing professionals found that 60% of respondents apply this tool to improve their conversion rates. The study  “ conversion rate optimization report 2017 ” also  out that 34% plan to use it in their activities, and 71% of those. Who  the method saw improvements in their conversion rates . These data demonstrate the importance of the. Ab test in the virtual field, in which it can be in multiple actions, such as landing pages , email. Marketing campaigns, posts on social networks, among others.

So do you want to know more about the relevance

Of this tool and how it enhances the results of campaigns. In the virtual environment? Keep reading and check it out! What is ab testing and how does it impact marketing? To understand what. Ab testing is, it is first important to dissociate it from the idea of ​​a result indicator. In fact, it is a hypothesis validation system, functioning. As a mechanism for Kenya Business Email List confirming changes, increments, improvements, etc. Previously . That said, we can say, in summary, that. An ab test is to carry out comparisons between items of two marketing variables (a and b), in order to establish which. Variable provides the best answers. What is it for and how to do an ab test? If you want to make the most of the benefits of this. Tool, to begin with, you must define just one factor: what will be measured during its application.

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The complexity in the backend analysis . You can, for example, measure. The number of clicks on a cta, or the volume of registrations on a landing page , or even the number of donations , among other results. Usually, ab tests are done with tools or with the use of marketing automation. Solutions, which have this feature. Google EJ Leads analytics is an example, as well as optimizely and ab tasty . Planning an ab test in digital marketing the process of planning an ab test can be done on a step-by-step basis. The first involves defining the media, strategy. Or campaign you want to measure ( email marketing , landing page, cta, etc.). Next, you to determine the sample of individuals that will give your test statistical significance.

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