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If you work with inbound marketing , you are. Certainly very familiar with the use of landing pages. But do you know what thank you pages are? These pages are great for continuing. Lead interactions with your content, further increasing your retention and conversion potential. Therefore, thank you pages and landing pages must always go together! To stay on top of all our tips, keep following our post and learn how to optimize your. Pages to achieve even greater results. What is a thank you page? The thank you pages or “thank you pages” are those to which. Your visitor is directed after completing an action on your website, blog or landing page . Your intention is to show that he. Managed to do what he wanted and thank him for the interaction.

The thank you page therefore is the first contact that a person

Will have with your company after becoming a lead . Therefore, it is important to know how to use this opportunity and extract all the benefits. How to make use of thank you pages? The first highlight should go to the thank you for the completed action. Next, you must tell him what to expect, I.E. Receiving an email, a call, a material or others. Watch how we usually do: after that, you should take advantage of the opportunity to keep your lead engaged Pakistan Business Email List and. Interested in your company, so why not offer them other content ? But remember, this is not the time to try to offer a new offer or sell something. As he has just converted, and it is not good to be “pushing” a lot of information yet. Here at vx, we always make available some. Content from our blog and, of course, we maintain links to our social networks so that everyone can check out our news.

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See the example below other suggestions that can

Be included in your thank you pages to increase. The chances of a conversion: social proof about your company or product; field for newsletter subscription; banner promoting. Some event or offer; space for feedback and comments; offer rich materials that are related to the subject; videos explaining what. Your company or product does; basic contact EJ Leads information (email, phone, address); quick opinion poll on a particular subject. Buttons for sharing material on social networks. Tips on what can’t be missing from your thank you page before rushing out to put. Your ideas into practice, it’s important that you know some good practices that, although simple, can make a lot of difference.

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