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However, it is worth catching a subtle border, beyond which the customer becomes confuse with the choice and completely resigns from shopping (after all, he will not buy three different winter coats). It is estimate that a large percentage of of “abandone carts” in online stores is the result of too much choice of substitute products. It is also worth remembering that if the customer already has a more expensive and better item in the basket, offering him a cheaper but similar one may ultimately reuce the value of his purchases margarine instead of butter). This is why a complementary product works better, because in the worst case, the customer will not buy anything, but will not give up the purchase.

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In a better scenario, a cross-selling mechanism will take place and the value of the shopping cart will ultimately increase. Where to get ideas for complementary products? Independent planning and selection of complementary products database can be pleasant for the owner of a small shop, although he will not necessarily be able to choose the best offers. If there are several hundre or several thousand products in the store, it is a task beyond the strength of any seller. Sometimes unsuccessful ideas for a complementary product discourage buyers.


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This is especially the case when exclusive products are accompanie by low-quality offers – instead of increasing the value of the offer in the eyes of the buyer, the effect may be the opposite. Therefore, before taking up the topic of EJ Leads complementary products, it is worth defining what our target group is . Next, there should be a marketing audit and a transition to specific steps that will maximize the profit from each shopping basket. Good to know: What is a complementary product? The goal of this type of activity is to increase the value of the basket with each purchase. A complementary product can: – be similar to the one chosen by the customer, – complement the set, – offer additional functions.

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