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To interpret and display the colors accurately. If the image lacks an embedded profile, Photoshop will assign a default working color space (usually the one specified in the Color Settings) to the image. It is crucial to embed the correct color profile in your images, especially when sharing them with others or printing, to maintain accurate color representation. Color Settings: Photoshop allows users to customize their color management settings through the “Color Settings” dialog.

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For RGB, CMYK, and other color modes, as well as choose the default rendering intent for handling out-of-gamut colors during conversions. It’s essential to have these settings configured appropriately to match your Wedding Photo Editing workflow and output requirements. Soft Proofing: Soft proofing is a valuable feature in Photoshop that enables you to simulate how an image will look when printed on a specific output device or paper.

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Options, you can preview the image with the color profile of your target output, helping you make adjustments to achieve the desired print results. Color Management Policies: Photoshop offers three color management policies: “Off,” “Preserve Embedded Profiles,” and “Convert EJ Leads to Working RGB/CMYK.” When opening an image without an embedded profile, the chosen policy determines how Photoshop handles the color management. By default, Photoshop sets the policy to “Preserve Embedded Profiles,” which is generally a safe option.

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