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Marketers already use Smoothly’s digital service platform as marketing support. Now try flexibly producing content and delegating marketing routines without noticeGo to content Smoothly logo Why Smoothly Pricing How does it work Company Company Blog Customer stories Take contact To work for us Become a content producer Do you know what search term your customers use to search for you? CategoriesBlog postsPublished 3 November 2022Tags digital marketing , Search engine optimization , marketing , content

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Production , With the help of keyword analysis, you can figure out which search terms your customers use to search for information. In order for business email list marketing to produce results, it is important to target the contents to your own audience. Your dream client is probably not an expert in your field – so leave the business jargons alone. Cultivate terms that your customers understand! With these keywords, your customer is also looking for information, and their use promotes your own visibility in search results. You can have a keyword

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Marketing agency or design the keywords yourself. Good keyword planning tools include Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs and Keyword  EJ Leads Tool. You can also pick up relevant terms from the literature on the field. The number of keywords varies by industry and service. A larger online store is likely to have more relevant keywords than a company targeting a niche market. However, it is worth preparing keywords of different lengths: “café Helsinki” is a much more competitive keyword than “boho cafe Töölö.” Use keywords in all

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