The Creative Marketing Strategies That Launched These

In this post, we take a look at the creative marketing strategies behind the successful launch of 3 huge tech startups. If you’re a regular reader of the Ahrefs blog, then you’ll know that we usually keep our focus pretty tightly on SEO. But since the goal of SEO is to grow your business, we feel it’s important that we take a step back and look at a broader set of marketing strategies and tactics every once in a while. This time we’re looking at three well known companies: Salesforce Airbnb AdGrok And the marketing strategies that got them their earliest successes. Their methods were not directly SEO-focused.

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Example of how great marketing decisions can result in press coverage, referral traffic and organic links. Which of course leads to better rankings and search traffic. Let’s get executive email list started with the first business — Salesforce. The SaaS industry has a reputation of being boring and “suited up.” But one of the earliest SaaS companies, Salesforce, was anything but boring. Especially when it came to marketing. The key to their success was the fact that founder and CEO Marc Benioff would do anything and everything to get Salesforce’s name out there. Above all, Benioff had a knack for knowing what the media wanted to see. In 1999, while there were protests against.

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Organization in cities like Seattle (the home of Salesforce competitor Microsoft). He staged a protest of his own — outside a Siebel user conference. How Salesforce started to EJ Leads grow Benioff’s protest was followed. By a military-themed “End of Software” party. To get in, guests had to bring in a piece of “old software.” To put in a set of “overflowing software trash bins.” There were different themed areas at the party including “Software-Free Zones,” a “Prisoners of Software” area, and even a game area with a “Throw the Disk in the Toilet” game for anyone to play. The B52s played along with two other bands. All in all, the event represented Salesforce’s value proposition from top to bottom: we were entering a world without software Salesforce was going to lead it it was going to be cool.

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