The Digital Communication of Large-scale Retail

The digital communication of large-scale retail trade is too self-referential.  Commerce, large-scale distribution create harmony with your customers with decentraliz communication. Let’s deal with the digital communication of large-scale retail trade.  Once again, because in this sector digital marketing still has a long way to go. Especially at a communication level. In large-scale organiz distribution.  In fact, digital communication and its contents are.  Entirely decid by the general management, which does not give . Autonomy to individual sales points or grants very limit freom. We think that this policy is wrong, because as we had already not in another article .  It does not consider the diversity of the territories.  In which each supermarket operates, which if equipp with autonomy, could 

Digital communication of large-scale retail trade in Italy

Communicate with its customers in a more. Profitable way, putting the typical and seasonal local products, . The culture of the area, the nes of the people, without taking anything . Away from the corporate new database values ​​on which all brand communication revolves. A more specific and personaliz communication. In our opinion, would create greater harmony. Between customers and large-scale retail trade, greater interaction at a local level. , greater involvement and ultimately greater sales! Digital communication of large-scale retail trade in italy: 6 examples. In support of this belief of ours, we examin the websites and above all the social. Corporate pages of 6 well-known brands in large-scale retail trade. Which use digital channels successfully,

Carrefour's digital communication

Establishing communication with their customers . That is the same for everyone and throughout the national territory.  The centraliz communication of these brands is too self-referential . And turns into a dialogue only on social mia, even if it is a dialogue.  Limit to the topics always propos unilaterally by the company. To us it seems like a monologue in which auchan.  Carrefour EJ Leads or lidl, to name a few select brands, always talk about . Themselves, the company mission, the products they sell in.  All the shops in italy or the promotions and events they organize in the national territory . The great disparity between official pages and local pages 

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