The equals icon instead allows you to temporarily

 Sin(time)*200; mathsin you’ve just written your first expression in after effects! But what does math.sin(time)*200 mean ? Don’t panic about the math; you simply told after effects to animate the y position property for you using a math.sin trigonometric function. Between the brackets you have indicated the so-called arguments . I.e. Parameters that control the function and therefore the final result. In this case you have specified to after effects that time moves the ball . By an amplitude equal to 200 px (so the ball will go up and down by +200 and -200 px) as time passes.


Upper and lower case can

 You can modify the expression as you like and see the differences by playing with europe email list the argument in brackets (try writing time*3) or increasing the amplitude of the oscillation. If you want to see how the expression behaves in the graph editor . Click the graph button . The equals icon instead allows you to temporarily disapply the expression. Preview-graph-editor if you see a yellow triangle with an exclamation point at the end of the expression . It means that the syntax of the expression is wrong. Javascript-expressions-syntax-error remember: expressions are case sensitive  . Upper and lower case can “break” the expression and make it not work; punctuation is also crucial.


Scripting-options how to make a loop

 At the end of the expression remember (even if in some cases it is not EJ Leads necessary) to include the semicolon (;) to control the appearance (color . Font and indentation) of after effects expressions go to the preferences menu ( edit or modify > scripting ). Scripting-options how to make a loop in after effects with expressions looping (making an animation loop) is easy with the after effects loopout and loopin expressions . Create a simple animation with two keys . Like in the example you see; a simple circle that moves from left to right.


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