How to increase productivity in the home office

Some time ago, working at home was already an option. For many companies, especially small and medium-sized ones; with the arrival of the covid-19 pandemic, at the beginning of last year. This modality ended up becoming a necessity due to the – essential – social isolation that we are experiencing. The home office is considered a very practical. Work modality, as it brings cost reduction for companies and some facilities for employees, such as working from. The comfort of home (there is no need to travel to the company, often facing a uncomfortable and time-consuming. Public transport or wasting fuel, not to mention the time wasted in traffic) and the flexibility of schedules. Factors that certainly make work more productive and enjoyable.

But for work at home to work properly you need to

Know how to face situations that may. Arise, precisely because you are at home. Generally, we are not/live alone and the presence of other people can interfere with concentration. Not having an appropriate place to work and procrastination. Are other adverse circumstances. Therefore, we are going to talk a little about the importance of Panama Business Email List remote work these. Days and give you some tips and suggestions on how to increase the productivity of your home office to, in this way, bring. Better experiences to your career, since, as it turns out, indicates, this modality. Came to stay, even after the end of the pandemic.

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Follow this text and learn all about it The home office

In brazil the home office – which, in a free translation. From english, means “office at home” – is the modality of working at home, which we already know. As we said, several companies had already joined. Remote work a few years ago, but many others EJ Leads had to adapt to this way of working with the arrival of the pandemic in 2020. According to a national survey by the institute for applied economic research (ipea) , around 11% of active workers in brazil carried out. Their professional activities remotely in 2020 – a total of 8.2 million brazilians; and that number is growing more and more. With covid-19 and a still uncertain. Scenario of when social isolation will actually end, many companies have plans to maintain part of the remote.

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