The Return on Investment Cannot Be Improved

Predictions estimate that in 2030 the metaverse will bring profits of more than 50 billion euros to fashion and luxury brands. The two metaverses most used by the youngest respondents (13-17 years old) are Roblox , with 67%, and Horizon Worlds, with 43%. However, according to Javier Iturralde de Bracamonte, director of Zetalab Global, for those over 17 years of age there are still barriers to overcome for the metaverse to become a regular channel for fashion consumption.

The Lack of Connectivity

The fact that the experience can be totally immersive or having email database more accessible and ergonomic glasses, among others. Even so, the use of video games and augmented Phone Number List reality could be considered an intermediate step towards more immersive ecosystems. Rise of second-hand fashion (but no more interest in sustainability) The study shows the growth in the purchase of second-hand clothing in recent years, a trend that is increasingly present in the habits of young people.

What Young People Really Are

However, only 24% of young people who resell clothing do so to have more responsible EJ Leads consumption . 41% do it to “make some money” and 30%, to change their clothing collection. In fact, for some it is “a solution that allows them to purchase more unique and cheaper products without so much guilt,” says Jimena Biosca, project manager at Mazinn. second hand fashion Opportunities for fashion brands to connect with young people « Does the fashion sector reflect ?

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