How to Insert a Newsletter Box in the Sidebar

In Rock Convert, it is possible to add a widget to capture emails that is located in the blog’s Sidebar. How to The names that appear for the options to insert the capture box depend on how your WordPress is configured. Therefore, In the case of redirection, it is possible to choose where the user will be redirected after completing the email. The default option causes the user to stay on the same page. Therefore, Do you remember the code to insert a banner anywhere we use within the post? You can generate the banner in exactly the same way, copy the short code and use it in the sidebar.

How to Insert a Customizable Banner in the Sidebar

Rock Convert version 2.2.0 offers a new feature email leads called Customizable Banner Rock Convert . This widget allows you to create custom banners in the blog sidebar without the need for external resources such as the use of code or images. Therefore, With the widget added, you can change the title, redirect link, and colors, both background and text. With everything configured, just save it to see the side banner on your blog. Select which categories this banner should appear in. Therefore, If no category is selected, the banner will not appear anywhere on the site.

Create an Announcement Bar at the Top of the Site

Rock Convert version 2.2.0 also introduces functionality EJ Leads for those who need to announce something new on the blog. The ad bar appears at the top of the site and is fully customizable. Therefore, Allowing you to change the content, bar colors, and choose where it should appear. If you got this far without installing the plugin, it’s time to put what you just. Learned into practice and increase your conversion rate. Therefore, Download Rock Convert now .This name does not appear on the website and is. Used only to identify the banner in the listing.

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